Realms servers are buggy and leaving people upset

As of this morning, Mojang opened up more Realms servers to be claimed by Minecraft Pocket users. The problem though is that Realms looks to be very glitchy and has a ton of problems.

Some people have managed to lay claim to multiple servers, while others cannot log in to their server at all. This has left a lot of hopeful pocket edition fans frustrated at Mojang for the mess that MCPE realms has turned out to be.

More updates will come as the situation with Realms continues.

MCPE Pocket Realms to be WiFi only, no data plan access

According to one of Johan’s latest tweets, Pocket Realms servers will only be able to be accessed by using WiFi. This is apparently because of concerns of children playing on a parent’s phone and racking up huge charges by using their data plan.

Get ready to wardrive people, because you can't play MCPE online without WiFi.So much for playing MCPE Realms while away from wifi. Pocketmine-MP servers should still be accessible over 3G/4G/etc.