A multitude of changes in the upcoming MCPE 0.7.3 update

There are a lot of changes that will be in the Minecraft Pocket 0.7.3 update thanks to Tommaso and Jeb joining the development team.

The 0.7.3 Minecraft Pocket Edition update there will be double chests.

Double chests! Chests everywhere!

These changes include:

  • Chests open and close
  • Double width chests
  • Yellow bouncing text on the main menu
  • Glowing spider eyes
  • Sunrise, sunset, moon, and stars.

On the other side though, they have stated that redstone will not be added for quite a while. This comes as no surprise – Mojang mentioned redstone for MCPE at last year’s Minecon and left the topic hanging. Redstone won’t be added for several updates, so no redstone in 0.8.0 or even 0.9.0.

Tommaso adds bouncing yellow text to MCPE

As his first change to Minecraft Pocket, Tommaso has added the bouncing yellow text that is found on the main menu of the PC and Xbox 360 versions. It displays random sentences and lines that are usually jokes.

While it isn’t the kind of update we were expecting, it’s nice to see that he is making some nice changes to the game.

So I've added the bouncing yellow text on the main menu of MCPE. Yes, yes, you don't need to thank me.Update: Tommaso uploaded a screenshot of what the text looks like. Just like the other versions of Minecraft. The 0.7.3 update is going to be nice if he keeps up the little improvements like this!MCPE 0.7.3 Now with 100% more yellow text!