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Now that we know how to install Minecraft Pocket mods in Android, here is a list of the available mods out there. Keep in mind – this list will be updated as new mods are released.KsyMC’s Mods

Anti-Fog – Turns off fog
Night in Creative – Self explanatory.
More items in Creative – Also self explanatory. Gives you items such as lava, water, and more.
Player Nametag – Makes the player’s chosen nametag visible over their head.
Smooth Lighting – Things are lit in a more even fashion. This tends to make dark areas a bit brighter.
Open containers in creative – Gives you the ability to open chests, furnaces, nether reactor, crafting benches, and the stone cutter in creative.
Mobs Spawn in Creative – Self explanatory. Mobs such as Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, and Spiders all spawn in creative mode.
Armor in Creative – Self explanatory.
Climbing – All blocks can be used to climb just like ladders.
Remove throwing gravity – Self explanatory.
Nether Reactor pattern – Changes how you build the Nether Reactor.
Inventory Save – Your inventory doesn’t drop when you die.
Snowball Grenade – Self explanatory. Throw a snowball and they go everywhere.
255 Server Slots – Let more people play on your server.
Day-Night Cycle – Adjust the length of day and night. Options are 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 20 minutes.
More Mobs in reactor – Various other mobs like pigs spawn in the Nether Reactor.
Eggs Other Spawn – Spawn other things using eggs.
More Slots – More toolbar slots to store things.
Mobs no go away – Mobs are always on.
Fly in Survival – Self explanatory
Caves Patch – New worlds will spawn with naturally forming caves.
No Water Dynamic – Disables water from moving/flowing. Good for HD texture packs.
Explosion no drop – TNT doesn’t fall.
Tall grass – Tall grass like the desktop version.

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