How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods

There are a lot of modifications for Minecraft Pocket nowadays. The process to install them is completely different from the desktop version of Minecraft though. Here is a quick guide on how to install mods.

  1. Download the mod you’d like to install.
  2. Find the file you’ve downloaded and extract the compressed folder.
  3. In the folder you’ve just extracted, there should be a file named patch.mod. This is the actual file of the mod itself.
  4. Copy patch.mod onto the root folder of your SD card (or storage) in your Android device. If you don’t know how to do this, google Android USB storage.
  5. If you get a warning (which would only happen if you’ve installed another mod), just say yes or copy & replace to overwrite any existing patch.mod files.
  6. Now download and install PocketTool from the Google Play Store (also available on GitHub). PocketTool is a free app that lets you install MCPE mods.
  7. Open PocketTool
  8. Press “Tool Kit”
  9. Select patch.mod and hit Patch.
  10. PocketTool will now patch MCPE. It shouldn’t take very long. After it is done, hit the Settings button and choose “Apply Changes.”
  11. Now it asks if you want to uninstall MCPE from your phone. Hit OK. It is just uninstalling the old version.
  12. Now you’ll be asked to install Minecraft Pocket edition again – just hit install.
  13. After the game has installed, open it and verify that your mod is working.

Not too bad, is it?

26 thoughts on “How to install Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods

    • Make sure that the mod you’re installing is 0.7.1 compatible. There were a lot of changes made with the 0.7.0 and .1 updates and a lot of mods need to be changed slightly to work again.

      • You can, its just really complicated.
        1. Download iexplorer
        2. Plug on you iPod/iPhone/iPad
        3. Go into Iexplorer and navigate to documents/applications/minecraftpe
        4. In the mod file it should tell you what do next, maybe extract some files or add some at even delete some.
        5. After that wait for the bar in the bottom right corner to finish and then go into minecraft on your device and ta da! Mod installed!
        Hope this helped, if I missed anything, please reply!

    • No, you shouldn’t be charged again. Most app stores have accounts and keep track of what you’ve already purchased, which will allow you to download it again if you accidentally delete the app.

    • No it works. It may not seem legit but it is. :3 it doesnt work on apple. But if you download iexplorer it is almost the same.

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  2. I want to install pokecube in mine craft PE I download the mod and unziped it and I don’t get .mod file. help!

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