How to create and set up a Minecraft Pocket Server with Pocketmine-MP on Windows

While I would love to have everyone use MPO to play on, I realize that other people want to set up their own servers and only play with friends. In this guide we will cover starting a Minecraft Pocket Edition server using PocketMine, a free server program available on GitHub and on the website. PocketMine is a free server for MCPE written in PHP.


  1. Download the PocketMine auto-installer (here)
  2. Run the installer. It will install all the necessary requirements.
  3. Once it is done installing, open the folder you installed it into.
  4. Click and run the file Start.cmd. The server will start and generate a world.
  5. Type “stop” (with no quotation marks) and hit enter.
  6. Now is a good time to import your Minecraft Pocket world files if you’d like. There will be a guide on this later.
  7. Edit the file. You can change the settings around however you like – change the welcome greeting, the server name, game mode, etc.
  8. Click and run the file Start.cmd to run the server.

Now keep in mind, this will only allow you to play locally on your home network. For people outside of your network to join you’ll have to forward a port to the computer host. I also recommend setting your computer up with a static IP address. I will write guides on how to do these, but in the mean time you can find the solution to these via Google.

Other than that, enjoy playing on your server!

For those that want to run a server on a Mac, Sam Damon has a good guide located on his blog.

17 thoughts on “How to create and set up a Minecraft Pocket Server with Pocketmine-MP on Windows

    • If you’re downloading the Windows auto installer from here, you’ll want to download the version with the most recent date. As of writing this, it is the Alpha 1.3 version that was released on 5/25.

    • Someone who has bought a realms server needs to invite you.

      This is unrelated to this topic, as we are talking about SERVERS, not realms.

  1. does any one know how to set up port forward for a clear hub express all i know is that have to set up port forwarding manually
    im using a windos 7 laptop by the way

  2. How do you connect to a local/private server? I can’t find any settings on the iPad/iPhone so it sees my local server. All how to’s discuss making the server public, but I don’t want to do this right now. I want a private server for my kids to share a world.


    • For 0.7.3 there really wasn’t a good way to do it since Pocketmine-MP had it’s fake realms server running. With 0.7.4 coming out, you’ll be able to type in the local IP address of the server for your kids to play on.

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