Connecting to a Minecraft Pocket Server with Android

Now that MPO is online and working for people, here is a guide for those who may not know how to connect to a server just yet. Mojang has not yet implemented a server connection feature in Minecraft Pocket Edition, so we have to connect in a different way. What we will basically be doing is fooling MCPE to think it’s connecting to another local MCPE server hosted on a phone or tablet.

First off, you’ll need to download and install the free app PocketTool (available on the Play Store). You’ll need to know the server IP address to play.

Install PocketTool

Install PocketTool

Secondly, open up PocketTool. Press the button for the tool kit.

PocketTool Main screen

PocketTool Main screen

Now that we’re in the tool kit section, select Change Server IP.



Now type in the IP address. The “http://” isn’t necessary here.

Enter IP address on PocketTool

Enter IP address on PocketTool

Now hit “Patch my IP!” PocketTool will patch your MCPE installation. After it says it is done, press the menu button on your phone/tablet. Choose apply changes. This is the point that can be unnerving: it is now going to ask you to uninstall Minecraft Pocket Edition. Click OK and let it uninstall MCPE. After it is finished, it will ask for permission to install MCPE. Click OK. PocketTool is simply removing the original, unpatched Minecraft and replacing it with the patched version. When this finishes, you should be able to choose and play on the server you’ve just added.
imageJust join and enjoy now, you’re done!


14 thoughts on “Connecting to a Minecraft Pocket Server with Android

  1. Well i tried the MCPE launcher but sometimes it doesnt show me any server (yes i did put in the correct ip). and i tried the pocket tool on my kindle fire but when i installed the patched mcpe it said unauthorised request then i press ok then closes minecraft??? could any one help my i got a Kindle Fire.

    • It sounds like you don’t have the option to allow installation of apps from an unknown source turned on. Go to Settings->Application Settings and make sure that the option for “Unknown Sources” is checked.

      If it doesn’t work after that, let me know.

    • You know how you type in a web address like “”, right? Well those nice domain names all point to an IP address for the computer a server is running on. The IP address is basically a label assigned to a computer or device.

      If you have a MCPE server you wish to connect to, the IP address will usually be prominently displayed. You then input the IP address in when you patch using PocketTool. This is so Minecraft Pocket will know what computer to connect to.

  2. Hey I have a nexus 7 and I’ve downloaded pocket tool and coppied a server is into the patch my IP bit and its says magic okay, done patchin then I click apply changes, then I do as it says and uninstall it then reinstall it, finally I go onto mine craft and go on join game and… server is there. Plz hellppp i ‘d love to be able to go on hunger games servers on mcpe

  3. When i write my friend ip address then patch after it click apply changes after all when i go to join game it still nothing

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